Tuesday, January 23, 2007

PLAY-DOH (hopefully it's non-toxic)

Little Paul was being so good in his excersaucer yesterday. I happened to walk by and look down and he was happily chewing on a big ball of yellow Dough (like Play-Doh). He had yellow slime all over his face and hands and he was VERY upset that I took it away. It must have tasted pretty good considering he gags evertime you try to feed him baby food or infant cereal (If you can even get him to open his mouth because he has learned to purse his little lips together as soon as he sees the spoon). Now, don't get the idea that he is a picky eater, he justs wants what we are eating and nothing that says "Baby" on it. Oh ya, after questioning the boys Joshua was the one who was "sharing" his Play-Doh.

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