Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Kids make great photographers! William Clever (8) took this picture of Little Paul. Isn't it adorable! You can't see it very good in this picture but Paul is wearing an outfit with a one of a kind design by Big Brother Isaiah. We took a pair of plain white P.J.s and Isaiah drew artwork on them and "I Love Milk" with permanent markers. They turned out really cute. Anyways back to the kids and Photography topic, Bro. Harold gave our kids a digital camera on Sunday. They love it! They take such cute pictures too. I think it is because they are on the right level with each other and they are more natural with each other instead of freezing up when you say "Say Cheese". They are snapping away while they are playing and they get such nice pictures because nobody is trying to smile! They also take pictures of things that I would never think of. While visiting their grandparents house they just went around taking pictures of stuff in the house that was interesting to them. Some of the pictures were pretty cool! Digital cameras are great because they can take so many pictures and we can just choose the best ones to print!

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