Monday, January 29, 2007


Today we started our trip around the world beginning with the U.S.A. We will be here for two weeks before moving on to Mexico and then Canada and then we go on to South America and the rest of the world! This is a fun curriculum and I know we will learn a lot with it. Today we labeled maps (which the boys really like, believe it or not), learned about Indiana's facts and symbols, watched The Scrambled States of America DVD from the library (it was really cute, and had lots of stories on it plus our National Anthem and other songs), learned about deserts, plus read about missionaries kids in other countries and practiced their Bible verses. Isaiah is memorizing Psalm 100 and Matthew is memorizing Psalm 23. Joshua wants to be a part of it all so today he worked in a pre-school workbook and practiced his circles and writing the number 2. The baby is happy as long as his schooling includes crackers!

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